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10 reasons why you need Lasting Power of Attorney

You decide who can act on your behalf should you lose mental capacity.

You don't need to lose mental capacity, a short stay in hospital could be stressful. Your appointed Attorney could deal with day to day things whilst you recover.

It's far cheaper in the long run. Without a LPA in place your loved ones would have to go through an expensive and time consuming process to get permission from the Court of Protection to act on your behalf.

LPA 4U charge just £65 by phone or £120 by home visit.

A health and Welfare LPA allows you to choose who can make day to day decisions about healthcare, medical treatment and where you live.

Without a Health and Welfare LPA it would be your local council who decided what was best for you.

This includes life sustaining treatment. A Health and Welfare LPA makes sure your wishes are taken into account.

Your appointed Attorney knows your wishes better than anyone else and will act on them should it becomes necessary.

A Property and Financial LPA allows you to choose an Attorney who can deal with your finances and assets up to and including selling your house to pay for care.

Finally register your LPA's before a fraudster does. Unfortunately it is still far too easy for this to happen. People have lost their homes due to fraud. Read our blog post on this for more details.

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