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Do I need lpas?

Here at LPA 4U we can help you set up your LPAS for just £65 by phone or £120 by home visit. Great value for money in our opinon! But you may disagree and not bother taking out your LPAS. You are entitled to this decision off course but the cost could be far higher if you lose capacity and the Court of Protection becomes involved. The below is taken directly from GOV.UK:

"...You must pay a £371 application fee.

Send a cheque with your application form payable to ‘HM Courts and Tribunals Service’.

Legal professionals can pay using the HMCTS Payment by Account service.

You need to pay the application fee twice if you’re applying to become both types of deputy.

You’ll also need to pay £494 if the court decides your case needs a hearing. The court will tell you when you need to pay this.

Security bonds for property and affairs deputies

You may have to pay to set up a ‘security bond’ before you can be appointed as a property and affairs deputy. This is a type of insurance that protects the finances of the person you’re a deputy for.

You do not have to set up a bond if either:

  • you’re representing a local authority

  • the court decides it’s not necessary, for example if the person’s estate has a low value

If you need to set one up, you’ll get a letter from the court telling you this. The letter will explain what to do next.

You set up the bond with a security bond provider. The amount you pay depends on:

  • the value of the estate of the person you’re a deputy for

  • how much of their estate you control

You can pay it either:

  • using the person’s money

  • yourself - you can get the money back from the person’s estate once you have access to it

You may be prosecuted if you misuse the person’s money.

After you’ve been appointed

You must pay an annual supervision fee depending on what level of supervision your deputyship needs. You’ll pay:

  • £320 for general supervision

  • £35 for minimal supervision - this applies to some property and affairs deputies managing less than £21,000

Your annual supervision fee is due on 31 March for the previous year.

You’ll also need to pay a £100 assessment fee if you’re a new deputy.

The Office of the Public Guardian will tell you how and when to pay your assessment and supervision fees.

You may be able to claim a refund of your fees in certain situations.

Getting help with your application fee

You may not have to pay an application fee depending on:

  • what type of deputy you’re applying to be

  • how much money you or the person you’re applying to be deputy for has.."

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